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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of World Organics Kelp Liquid.

  • It is product of World Organics

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More Info:

Here are some more information on World Organics Kelp Liquid.
World Organic Kelp Iodine liquid. It is product of World Organics. This product is made in United States. Freezing and Chilling Temperature level of the product is Ambient: Space Temperature Level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on World Organics Kelp Liquid.

Question Question 1

How Lots Of Mg Of Iodine Per Drop Or 4 To 5 Drop Dosage?

Unsure if you’re asking for more information than what’s on the bottle.? 4 drops is 0.25 ml and comes out to 150 mcg of iodine.Hope that assists.

Question Question 2

Is The Iodine From A Pure All Naturale Source?

It is FromKelp Can’t get Any More Natural Than That.

Question Question 3

When We Initially Bought This Product The Liquid Was A Brownish Color.We Just Recently Got Another Bottle And It Is Clear.Is This Regular And Why The Distinction?

Sorry we can’ t helpyou we do not have a clue.we have a bottle that has to do with a years of age and the color is a greenish- brown clear liquid.

Question Question 4

Where Is The Kelp From?

Kelp originates from seaweed.

Question Question 5

We Were Wondering If This Iodine Suppliment Was Raw Or Not. We Are Totally Raw Eater So A Response Would Be Significantly Valued. Thanks.?

we do not know what you mean by Raw. we do know we have been taking 3 drops of this everyday for years and when we do not have it.we can feel the difference.Good Things.

Question Question 6

Among The Ingredients Is Potassium Iodide, However The Label Doesn’T State How Much Iodide It Consists Of – JustIodine Please Clarify?

The label ingredients specify just this: Cleansed Water, Preparation of Atlantic Kelp, Potassium Iodide (to standardize strength), Potassium Benzoate. Sadly, that is the only declaration about iodide on the label.

Question Question 7

Does It Taste At All?

we might not differentiate any taste at all.

Question Question 8

How Lots Of Mg Per Bottle?

59 ML

Question Question 9

4-5 Drops Or 4-5 Droppers Complete?

The serving size is 4 drops.

Question Question 10

What Is The Rack Life Of Liqui-Kelp?

It ought to be one year.

Question Question 11

What Are The Ingredients?

4 drops = 150 mcgs of Potassium Iodine, cleansed water.

Question Question 12

This Product Does Not Respond With Starch Like Iodine Usually Does.When You Drop Iodine On Something Starchy Like Bread It Turns The Bread Black.?

What is the question you’re asking??Kelp assists with thyroid. we do not know what it does to bread however it has made a huge distinction in our total health.and so you know Bread isn’t great for you anyhow.

Question Question 13

Is This Expect To Have Black Pieces Drifting In It?

we didn’t see any black pieces.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on World Organics Kelp Liquid, these may be helpful for better understanding.

While taking a trip through iowa we stopped at a fantastic little health shop. The owner informed us that this liquid iodine offers better than any other she brings. We are now on our 2nd bottle which we purchased from here on. We can inform when we sanctuary t taken it fir the day since we seem like we are dragging. We include 4 drops in our coffee every early morning.

Definitely incredible, we take it in the early morning and wind up hugging everybody??????????.

We had the ability to completly cure ourself of hypothyroid condition & lost 40 pounds in 6 months utilizing this.

Worked for us to even out our thyroid. Believe we took too much since we had hypo and swung it into hyper. Worked too great. Ha. However its terrific, attempt it on little imperfections and view it work.

Wow we feel a lot better takingthis We began with one drop a day and am now approximately 3 drops. We had no negative effects from it at all. We saw others state they experienced pass away off however we didnt and possibly since we included it in gradually. Our energy is method up and we are hoping it assists diminish a goiter we have on our thyroid.

We have utilized this product for years on our naturopathics suggestion for healthy thyroid function. Fantastic cost, lasts permanently utilizing just 4 drops/day.

This is terrific easy to utilize 4 drops in whatever beverage you like. You can get you iron level up, wear t overdose absolutely nothing in excess is great for you.

So grateful to buy this online. We love this brand name. Likewise, the iodine in kelp is a lot much healthier. We just keep it in our refrigerator and usage 4 drops a day.

Just 4 drops in a cup of tea in the evening are not tasted at all and help preserve iodine levels. Fantastic things.

We utilize this due to our hypothyroidism. It is easy to take and shop, tastes alright. We often can’ t get it at our regional natural health store. Grateful to know it is readily available online.

We take for thyroid concerns.

We have been purchasing this for over 12 years to construct our body immune system and it s terrific. We put simply 4-5 drops in our coffee since there s no taste, it won t destroy your coffee.

We utilize these drops as directed. 4 drops daily. Our thyroid has enhanced.


We have had underactive thyroid the majority of our life and been on recommended medications in the past and attempted lots of natural remedies down thru the years. Discovered this liquid kelp in the natural food shop and began including 2 droppers to our drinking water or juice for the day. Without tracking, we discovered one day that our cold feet problem disappeared, we do not know, possibly was summer season time. However, whenever we run out of this things after a while, you thought it cold feet. Acquired somemore Takes a few weeks and problem is gone. This one works for us. Perhaps since it is contributed to our beverage and we are consuming it thru out the day. Unsure why, feel in one’s bones that itworks And if our feet are not cold, we understand it is remedying other under active thyroid issues. Everyone is various. This one deserves a shot in our viewpoint. We have been utilizing it numerous years. Can’t find it any longer at natural food shop. Shipment of this product was a little a problem. Initially, order went to neverland. Rapidly reimbursed our cash. We purchased once again. Took weeks however we got it. So understand.

Have utilized it for years. Great supplement.

Having recommended usage through our medical supplier at the minute, its effectiveness has been appropriate.

Routine salt does not include iodine however kelp does. This nutrient is needed for thyroid function and how little the expense to contribute to our water day-to-day and avoid our thyroid from not working to keep our metabolism humming.


We utilize this for ourself, to get the iodine weneed We just put it in tea or coffee and we do not even taste it.

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