Thyroid Complex

Thyroid Complex

Thyroid Complex is an adequate product packed with top quality ingredients, which provides relief for many sufferers of hypothyroidism. It is proven effective especially for thyroid problems in women.

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Do you know that almost 59 million Americans have thyroid dysfunction, and most of them don’t know it? Undiagnosed thyroid disease can radically increase the probability of infertility, sexual dysfunction, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, hair loss, chronic fatigue and other health problems.

You might have a thyroid problem if:

  • You have neck pain or enlargement.
  • You have menstrual problems or infertility.
  • You have bowel problems, either long-term constipation or diarrhoea.
  • You have muscle aches, joint pains and tendonitis.
  • You have a family history of thyroid disease.
  • You have dry, brittle hair or hair loss.
  • You have very coarse skin or thin, fragile skin.
  • You have depression or anxiety.
  • You have chronic fatigue.
  • You are overweight and unable to lose weight on any diet.
  • You are losing weight without explanation.
  • You have poorly controlled cholesterol levels.

Thyroid In Women

Women have a one in five chance of developing thyroid dysfunction during their lifetimes. Women have a higher risk of thyroid disease because they are more susceptible to certain risk factors.

Common Risk Factors For Thyroid Disease Include:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy and postpartum
  • Menopause
  • Too much soy product
  • Lithium or cordarone use
  • Female Over 60
  • Use of tobacco
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Pituitary or endocrine disease
  • Shortage of iodine in diet

What Is Thyroid Complex?

Thyroid Complex is a proprietary blend of 13 vitamins, minerals and supplements combined in a powerful formula to regulate your thyroid function naturally.

What Are The Ingredients Used In This Thyroid Product?

  • Vitamin B1 — Enhanced energy and improved nerve function.
  • Vitamin B2 — Reduced impact of pollutants and toxins and boosted immunity.
  • Vitamin B3 — Reduced stress.
  • Vitamin B6 — Improves liver function
  • Vitamin B12 — Enhanced energy and better digestive function.
  • Copper — Improves nerve function and better cholesterol control.
  • Irish Moss — Natural iodine source for better thyroid function.
  • L-Tyrosine — Improved physical and mental stamina.
  • Manganese — Healthier skin, bone and cartilage and better glucose tolerance.
  • Selenium — Healthier skin and hair.
  • Zinc picolinate — Improved thyroid function.

How Does It Works?

Thyroid Complex helps to safeguard your thyroid gland from all of the environmental assaults and associated health issues that can negatively impact proper function of this vital gland.

Obesity is often linked with thyroid dysfunction. Among other things, the thyroid gland regulates the basal metabolic rate, the rate at which the body burns calories. Regulation of the thyroid can lead to better weight regulation.

Thyroid Complex insures optimal metabolism, better processing of carbohydrates, better mobilization of stored fats and better energy production, all of which lead to better weight management.

Potential Benefits Of Thyroid Complex:

  • Healthier eyes
  • Enhanced mood
  • More lustrous hair
  • Reversal of hair loss
  • Mental alertness
  • Higher energy levels
  • Weight regulation
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Healthier skin
  • Temperature regulation
  • Greater muscle strength
  • Emotional balance
  • Better sleep
  • Revved up metabolism
  • Healthier cardiac function
  • Better digestive health
  • Menstrual regularity

Final Thought

Thyroid Complex helps to maintain the delicate balance that keeps the thyroid gland functioning properly. While we think this is a fantastic product it only takes second placing to Thyromine which we believe to have a superior blend ingredients.

Thyroid Complex has been around for a while, and whilst many people swear by it, we found the results produced by the product did not match the standard of Thyromine (or even Thyax). Thyroid Complex is an adequate product packed with top quality ingredients, which provides relief for many sufferers of hypothyroidism.

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