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Robert Thompson,Kathleen Barnes The Calcium Lie II – What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know

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If you think that bones are made from calcium, you have signed up for The Calcium Lie. You re not alone. Many customers and, remarkably, a lot of medical professionals, think that bones are made from calcium. Yet any fundamental biochemistry book will inform you the reality: Bones are made from a minimum of a lots minerals and we need all of them in best percentages in order to have healthy bones and healthy bodies. If you get too much calcium, through food sources or by taking supplements, you set yourself up for a range of unfavorable health repercussions, consisting of weight problems, Type 2 diabetes, Type 2 hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, anxiety, problem pregnancies andmore This is the 2nd edition of the calcium Lie, upgraded, broadened and with higher thorough description of the medical issues that can be triggered by mineral imbalances and strong methods to remedy them. This book provides you all the information you need to remain healthy and to restore your health if you or your physician have been deceived by The Calcium Lie.

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We read this book for the 3rd time and still finding out. We have now purchased 5 copies of this book to provide to our physician and our good friends. Lastly, lastly, lastly, a medical professional who comprehends how a go-getter with an excellent diet can have osteoporosis, how that can be connected to thyroid and gastrointestinal problems, how our bodies are systems, not merely separately working organs. Have you done whatever right in your life for diet and workout and still have osteoporosis? are you fed up with being tired and dealing with medical professionals who have absolutely nothing to deal you, other than perhaps a vitamin b12 shot? are you fed up with discussing to medical professionals how extremely tired you feel, how you have brain fog, how you can not appreciate your own life? what’s the common physician’s reaction? “perhaps you need an anti-depressant. These are just typical indications of aging.” they would be more truthful if they merely stated, “we have no concept why you feel so bad. Possibly you can find a medical professional who can comprehend your condition and can really helpyou “we found out a lot from this book. While an excellent diet is the basis of health, your gastrointestinal system requires to work efficiently for you to get the advantage of the excellent food you consume. If you have gerd or a thyroid problem (which are frequently misdiagnosed and even more frequently undertreated), then your gastrointestinal system is not working well and you will likely have nutrition shortages. To restore our gastrointestinal functions, our bodies need trace minerals, not just vitamins, to work well. Due to soil exhaustion and a huge decline in our consumption of salt over the last numerous years, individuals in america have ended up being progressively mineral diminished. The mineral deficit causes a cascading series of bad health results, consisting of thyroid dysfunction and osteoporosis. Dr. Thompson describes not just do we need much more sea salt (not fine-tuned salt) than we have been informed, we likewise need trace element supplements. Even more, he describes why our bodies need these minerals. After having the htma test advised in the book and taking several mineral supplements (that are not pricey) for 3 months, we feel significantly better than we did for the previous year. Our brain fog has raised. We sleepbetter Our state of mind has enhanced. We are positive that our bone health will likewise improve provided our general better health. We can not suggest this book too extremely.

A buddy offered us this book and because we have paid it forward to another good friend. After suffering cardiac arrest, 9 days on life support and a triple bypass, the healing has been hard. That was 5 years back. 10 months back, we were on medication for our heart, ibs, sinusititus, hardly getting control of our thyroid, 30 pound weight gain, to call just a few of our problems. Our physician might just put a plaster on our problems and recommend more medications or send us to yet another professional. 10 months ago we stated “enough” and embraced a whole new way of life modification in our nutrition and capability to workout. Success came rapidly and triggered us to break open this book since we had no concept what supplements we required to continue our success. A great deal of way of life modifications inform you what to take, however do not inform you why. Personally, we need to state that it worried us of all the uninformed ideas we had been led to think all our life. We decided to get an htma and it offered us even more clearness regarding what we required to deal with. In 4 months, we were off our bp medications and by 9 months of appropriate supplements, our cholesterol levels are to be coveted and continue toimprove Our thyroid is healing and typical grievances of recuperating from triple bypass are very little if not gone. Read this book if you wish to begin ending up being accountable for your own care and stop going to pieces with the counter filled with supplements that you are not rather sure youneed Definitely, it will inform you which ones you do. Easier on your pocket book too.

Among the beter books on health. This is the very first book we continue reading why ascorbic acid is bad. If just for this one description buy this book. Explains how vitamin c wholefood heals numerous illness. Even why cholesterol is not the problem however an absence of vitamin c. We find it easy to suggest this book to everybody. One good friend has heart burn. The other migraines. We’ll if they wish to heal read this book. If robert thompson wants to find out more about this subject then we suggest he enter into the magnesium advocacy group at facebook. He might currently be.

Little did anybody know, as older women, we put on t need calcium supplements unless we put on t beverage enough dairyproducts We were informed you must. Thanking god we questioned our dr. He concurred. Drs never ever informed us to take d3 & magnesium either. Picture all the cardiovascular disease bad guidance triggered because the 80 s. Excellent read. However can t get enough information aboutthis More books on offered.

We have about a hundred kindle books because beginning to utilize food to heal our own aging issues and leave the ill impacts of prescription medications. We were extremely pleased how dr. Thompson covered the whole spectrum of best foods and options to main stream marketedproducts We gave up calcium 4 years back when we found it linked in disease as one of the representatives in activating extreme and even lethal outcomes. Our mommy taught us in 1975 to constantly take calcium with magnesium, never ever alone. In 2010 when we started to study supplement types that are best we understood that our mom was deceived to take even that mix, however at the time she read relied on newresearch She got dementia and lived that method about 8 years and we still question why. In 2010 our companied believe in the magnesium wonder book we got on kindle and we ensure to mix greens and keep away from milk. We informed our relative we believe calcium is extremely unsafe and toss it away and never ever buy it once again. Its now approaching 2015 and we read the calcium lie. Whatever it states to do is what our relative and we have been altering our practices to which strengthens to us that dr. Thompson is not just teasing calcium, however taking the reader to the entire reality. We likewise found out numerous new things from this book to more improve our supplement options. Our household history is death by arterial plaque develop so the cholesterol lie was our very first substantial discovery and woke us approximately know for sure not to trust our hmo physician. Our last point is we seem like we have to do with 25, less than 1/2 our calendar age. This book is a one stop store for newbees attempting to take control of their aging adverse effects.

We were surprised and extremely pleased with the information we were discovering calcium as we viewed the youtube video “calcium lie 2” – and anticipated getting the book. It is likewise excellent. We are quite thinking about finding out how to better look after ourself and find out to listen to our body. We believe this book (and the youtube video) must be read/watched by everybody – the information is so important and who understands the length of time it will be prior to the pharmaceuticals shut the naturopaths down so that this kind of information will no longer be offered to the general public. Books/information that is offered is extremely important if you have an interest in being and keeping yourself healthy and wanting to live past 100 years and remain in ‘excellent’ health. Maintain the great dr. Robert thompson.

We have remained in the natural health service for 30 years. This book ought to be needed reading for all natural healthcare specialists. It is a real fundamental book for what’s truly real in the nutrition world, not almost the lies about calcium, however ascorbic acid masquerading and offered as vitamin c, adrenal failure, our body’s mineral status and lots more subjects. We want we would have had this understanding a minimum of 20 years back. However we can really state that the information in this book has assisted us to recover from a really debilitated state that no physician might help us with; overall endocrine failure, chronic, long term anemia and hypothyroidism. It’s taken a very long time to stabilize our body out, however following dr. Thompson’s guidance has taken us from being bedridden to being totally recovered. If you are taking any calcium supplements, please stop till you read this book. If you are taking anything that states it is vitamin c, checked out the label, there’s a 100% opportunity it’s just ascorbic acid, which is just one part of the entire food vitamin c complex. You need food based sources of vitamin c such as camu camu, rosehips, acerola cherry powder, and so on. Kathleen barnes likewise includes much to this well composed book. Thanks to you both for breaking the walls down of these lies.

Because we stopped taking calcium and gluten our cramps have stopped entirely. The calcium was the missing out on piece of the puzzle. It is likewise utilized as a filler in numerous pill and tablet supplements.

Dr thompson has been our doctor for the previous year and a half and we are ever so fortunate to have found him. Our health began weakening in our 30’s with fibroid growths and subsequent anemia. At age 46, we had a hysterectoour and whatever went downhill from there. Lastly, at 51, we have energy, endurance, less discomfort and tiredness, and a general sense of wellness. Understanding precisely what our body was missing out on and working towards well balanced ratios of minerals has significantly enhanced how we carry out daily. Workout alone was not working, dieting a waste of our time. This is right on information for everybody. We now eagerly anticipate every day and wake revitalized and all set. Bio-identical hormones, attending to adrenal tiredness and hypothyroidism, along with mineral supplements customized to our requirements has altered our life. If you worth your health, start here with information that will alter your outlook on nutrition, our health system, and your vitamin regimine.

This is our absolute preferred health book, that we will read more than when. The calcium lie iwe is not almost calcium; it includes life-saving information that your medical physician is probably not knowledgeable about. It’s apparent that dr. Thompson remains in medication to help individuals restore their health. Read this book, and have the ability to inform your own physician about the threats of calcium, and particularly calcium supplements. Even better– present a copy of this book to your physician. This book includes a chapter composed without copyright that we can print and provide to our medical professionals.

After reading this book, we stopped taking supplements consisting of calcium, lowered our food consumption of calcium, and excellent better ourosteoarthritic symptoms in knees, hips, ankles, toes, fingers, and so on. We have likewise followed the suggestion for htma with excellent outcomes. We extremely recommend this book for anybody looking for health enhancement without medications.

Among the very best medical books we have ever checked out – and we have more than500 Dr. Thompson takes off numerous medical ourths that are keeping americans ill. He lastly describes the body chemistry in plain language. We suggest this book to every lady we understand (excellent for usn,too ).

This book has plenty of excellent dietary/ medicalinformation It is not gimmicky. An individual can feel the genuineness of dr. Thompson to help individuals and issue to get the word out to fellow specialists. We prepare to take his book to our dr. And hope he will accept it and read it. We did not find anything unfavorable about the book other than we believe the cover might have a more appealing design.

Everybody requires to check out this book. We checked out a great deal of nutrition books and posts however there was information here that was new to us and vital for those people who wish to have health as we age. Didn’t know that farmers typically brominate their berries to avoid mold, for something. We understood that individuals were calcifying their soft tissues by taking extra calcium however we had no concept the result on hormonal agent producing organs. Get this book and stop the calcium waterfall in your life now.

If you wish to truly up your video game in regards to understanding human health, get this book and truly read it, along with dr. Kate rheaume-bleue’s “vitamin k2 and the calcium paradox”.

Lastly, a medical professional who can find out. So rejuvenating discovering a medical professional whom has an open mind and can find out. Using his perspicacity he has deciphered the reasons for the majority of our illness. We found out extremely essential understanding on minerals.

Outstanding book. Everybody requires to check out this book, particularly medical professionals.

Occasionally a book occurs that provides us more information than our own online research did and puts it in efficient kind. This is that book. There are referrals bountiful for monitoringout They lost a star since with all the repeatings, the composing itself had a less than professional design. However if you have an interest in the topic of health, do not let that stop you from reading this helpful book.

We have been studying nutrition and alternative health for practically 30 years, and we need to state this was among the most mind-blowing books we have ever checked out. And we are progressing on the screening recommended, to see where we stand. We make certain it too will expose heaps. A minimum of now we have this guide book to know what to do.

It’s so rejuvenating to speak with a medical professional who values his clients and comprehends what is required and what to do it to help them restore their health or remain healthy with no pharmaceuticals unless needed. We have attempted for years to figure out what supplements to require to keep us in excellent health. This book is extremely helpful to offer the reader an understanding of the body and its requirements in order to be healthy. He likewise provides information concerning high quality supplements and where to find them.

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