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J.Crow’s( R) Lugol’s Service 2% is comparable to USP requirements or greater. This option provides 94% pure water, 4% potassium iodide and 2% iodine. Drops give vertically or horizontally. Each VERTICAL drop is roughly 3.00- 3.125 mg’s of iodine/potassium iodide (roughly 1.250 mg iodine, 1.875 mg potassium iodide) and 2 drops has to do with 6.00 -6.25 mg’s of iodine/potassium iodide (roughly 2.5 mg iodine, 3.75 mg potassium iodide). For usage as a talisman just. Avoid kids.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Should Product Be Clear Or Amber Color?

Amber color

Question Question 2

What Does Talisman Just Mean? This Remains in The Label Of The Bottle.?

The maker makes no claims worrying the product to prevent regulative issues.Talisman implies best of luck.

Question Question 3

How Do We Open The Bottle? Possibly Mine Is Malfunctioning, However We Can not Get It Open.?

Not Defective.Very Secure Dropper Top.we Hold The Bottle With A Meal ClothAndTwist Dropper Part Off With A Set Of Pliers (Widened Position) Opens Instantly.Only Needed On A New Bottle.

Question Question 4

What Isthe Rack Life, Does Iodine End Or Spoil?

Because iodine is a component, we do not see how it can ever go bad.But. we truly do not know.

Our Insights:

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Bought as a more affordable alternative to iodoral, use based upon dr. David brownstein’s suggestion for a health problem we are experiencing (through his book on iodine). Existing dose for our requirements is 6 drops in a little water, 2x/day; it does not taste bad and no issues with this dose. A diet with little if any iodine rather perhaps added to our health issue, which was not taken seriously by our physician at the time. After looking into alternative choices in assisting our body heal. We chose to follow dr. Brownstein’s ideas and picked lugol’s for iodine supplements. Prematurely to know if it will help, however we are enthusiastic it will make a distinction.

Excellent product. Shown up rapidly. Packaged securely. Remains in dark glass bottle. (as it ought to be. Congratulations). With helpful hassle-free dropper. Iodine enhances body immune system. Deals with chronic swelling by getting rid of toxic substances in the body. Boosts energy levels by keeping chemicalimbalances. (metabolism). Boosts focus. (no mind fog). Over 90% of individuals have iodine shortage. We utilize 7 drops every other day. You will see adifference in total health immediately. Hope this assists.

We utilized this on our boy who had molluscum contagiosum. The physician stated they might not treat it you need to let the virus run it’s course. Well that was not the response we required. We did our own research found this and our kids virus disappeared within 2 months. Just dap a little on after a shower and the bumps will begin to disappear.

We are not a physician, we do not have thyroid problems, and we are not iodine lacking. We just take a little dosage as an everyday supplement with a bottle of water. It provides us an incredibly increase for the day. If you are purchasing this for a comparable factor, please checked out iodine supplements prior to taking it as it can threaten, only factor we offered this 4 stars is since the rubber on the dropper gets hard and destroy after a number of months – dream they would turn up with a better option.

We utilize this as a dip for new zoanthids (a kind of coral susceptible to bring bugs) for our reef fish tank. A few drops of it in a cup of water, swish the zoanthids around, and bugs pop straight off. The zoanthids like it,too No concept how it works for other usages, however it’s the very best things to utilize for zoanthid dipping, as far as a couple lots well-read individuals on a reef fish tank online forum are worried.

Easy to take with water2 drops in the early morning.

Accoding to the harvard health letter, the majority of everybody has an iodine shortage and must take 3 drops of 2% iodine each early morning in a glass of water, keeps the thyroid healthy and proof that it assists avoid breast cancer.

Excellent product.


Remarkable. Thanks a lot.

This things has started our thyroid– we can in fact feel it working. We have a few drops in our coffee to begin the day.

Absolutely nothing to state.

We are 3x cancer survivor with thyroid issues. We have had radiation done on our lymph nodes and was feeling a little tired, no energy, drowsy, etc all the enjoyable things about chemo/stem cell/radiation. We have just begun to take just one drop in the early morning and it really last all the time. Made the error of taking it during the night and didn’t sleep a wink however felt so awake and stimulated. Still didn’t feel slow the next day. State what you desire however we are follower in this option. We are pleased we found it, want it was earlier however happy none the less. Excellent excellent product.

Beware when taking iodine. Our partner had a bad response – truly bad headaches and inflammmation. We had him consume 1/4 tsp unrefined salt 2x for a few days (per the web. )and he felt muchbetter Obviously you can truly have a detox response with iodine – and he just had 3 drops the very first day. We would recommend beginning with 2 drops each day and seeing how thatworks Comb the web for ways to recuperate if you begin to feel terribly. And stop briefly the iodine up until you feel better.

Does what it mentions and provides what your thyroid can’ t fruit and vegetables. You will feel better.

Works similar to we hoped.

5 star suggestions.

We utilize lugols nearly every day. Both topically and consumed. Our health is much better thanks to it.


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