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The Thyroid gland is situated right at the spot where a neck tie is worn. The Thyroid gland is a brownish-red organ with butterfly like wings and is responsible for the control of metabolism, growth and structure of bones, sexual development and the proper functioning of the various parts of our body. The Thyroid disease occurs when the Thyroid gland doesn’t produce the necessary amount of hormones required by the body. Sometimes the Thyroid glands also cause a problem by producing excess amounts of hormones, resulting in Hyperthyroidism. In such a scenario, a person’s body uses all the energy faster than it should and shows high levels of chemical activities. So in order to live a healthy life, you should ensure that your Thyroid glands are functioning properly. Below mentioned are some natural Thyroid remedies that you might want to consider.

Below mentioned are some of the symptoms of the Thyroid disease.
1) Cold hands and feet
2) headaches
3) sensitivity to cold
4) headaches
5) sleeplessness
6) coarse
7) fragile nails
8) joint aches
9) dizziness etc…

If you are suffering from the Thyroid disease, then your family doctor might advice you to take some prescribed pills that will help you maintain the level of Thyroid hormones in your body, however you can also try the below mentioned tips. Please make a note that while you are suffering from the Thyroid disease, you won’t be able to lose your body weight easily. So try and shelve your weight loss goals until you have gained control over the Thyroid disease.

Natural Thyroid Remedies:
In order to overcome any Thyroid gland related problem, you need to cleanse your system by eating healthy, drinking enough of water and resting appropriately. You should eat as many fruits as possible and give special preferance to apple, grapes, orange, pineapple and papaya. You should drink atleast 1 glass of milk every 24 hours. If you are amongst those individuals who is suffering from constipation, then you should try to eliminate your bowels with the help of lukewarm water. Make sure that you are consuming a balanced diet that consists of seeds, nuts, grains, salads and fruits. Never try to overeat, when you are suffering from the thyroid disease.

Below mentioned are some food items that you should avoid.
1) White flour products,
2) White Sugar
3) Meat
4) Fried or oily foods
5) Tea
6) Coffee
7) Alcohol

Since Iodine is the most important element required to overcome the Thyroid problem, you should eat the below mentioned food items.
1) Watercress and Strawberries
2) Tomatoes
3) Whole rice
4) Asparagus
5) Cabbage
6) Garlic
7) Onion
8) Oats
9) Pineapple

As a Thyroid patient, you should try to safeguard yourself from any emotional stress and should try not to involve yourself in exhaustive tasks. At various intervals, you should try to eat foods that are rich in proteins. However, you should avoid foods with fresh proteins. Please note that you might have to follow the above mentioned tips for a period of 10 – 12 months to see improvements.

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